Pregnancy Loss or
Baby Loss at Birth

Pregnancy Loss or Baby Loss at Birth

Are you seeking help from the traumatic experience of losing a baby during your pregnancy or at birth?

We, at the Firgrove Centre, are here for you. The Centre has been helping clients for more than 30 years.

About our counselling

All enquiries are strictly confidential and our trained counsellors will see you alone or together with your partner.

At the initial session, your counsellor is there to listen and to enable you to express yourself so that she may understand how best we may be able to help you.

Counselling takes place at our newly refurbished premises in Shirley.

Once you have been allocated to a counsellor you will be able to tell your full story. The counsellor will help you on your journey through the various stages of grief. This journey will entail exploring your loss, expressing and understanding your emotions. Such loss can be felt with anger, guilt and shame which can lead to depression.

Later, acceptance, letting go and hope for your future can be considered. Strategies for anxiety, sleeplessness and ways of coping can be explored. Books, too, may be useful.

Each session lasts an hour and usually takes place weekly.

Contact us

If you would like support to help you through the grieving process it is best if you make an initial appointment. Your inquiry will be answered by a counsellor.

Please contact us on 023 8078 3134 or via our online contact form.