Client Stories

“The Firgrove Centre have been such a support to me over the last year or so following the sudden death of my daughter and the subsequent pregnancy and birth of her little sister.

We had our first beautiful daughter who was born healthy in hospital and died suddenly only hours later. Initially, I turned to Firgrove for support in coping with the shocking loss of my girl and all the impact that had on every part of my life and relationships. As the months went on, I found myself on the pregnancy rollercoaster once again, so carried on attending sessions with my counsellor. In the initial few months, she gave me the space and time to open up about my little one’s death and the impact it had in every part of my life. Once I was pregnant again I was able to speak about the whole new wave of emotions that came with the news and journey.

We were able to focus on either the new pregnancy or the trauma in different sessions whenever I needed and she gave me the tools to manage moving forwards. I will never be the same but without the help I found at The Firgrove Centre I’m sure it would all have been even harder.”

“ My journey with Firgrove started when I lost our baby daughter in the 22nd week of my pregnancy, with no known causes and no previous issues throughout my pregnancy.

The day we lost her my whole world changed and I could have never anticipated the pain and grief that my husband and I were going to experience. It truly has been the hardest thing I have had to learn to live with.”

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“We are now seeing a lot more men coming for counselling as it becomes more socially acceptable for guys to reach out and ask for help.

One of our male ex clients who after courageously working through the stillbirth loss of his child, is intending to write a book about his experience.

How, as a man, he has learned to express his pain and cope with every aspect of his loss.

How he and his partner have lived through another pregnancy with the very real fear that this too would end in a stillbirth.

Happily, they went on to have a healthy baby.

This intended book once written and published will be vital as there are very few baby loss books on the market that men can truly relate to and engage with.”